SVN Vs ClearCase Vs PVCS

12 Feb

Hi folks,

Here is a elaborated summary on three popular source code version control systems. Below points are completely based on my personal experience with the products i worked so far.

I have worked more than 2 years with SVN and Clearcase but short period on PVCS version control systems.

1. SVN (Sub-version) is a an open source version control system meant as a replacement for the popular CVS and user friendly. PVCS (Polytron Version Control System) and CC(ClearCase) is a commercial product

Stability: I found the SVN to be more stable and reliable than PVCS and also Clearcase is also more stability like SVN and have good forum support as well.

2. Installation and Setup: SVN is very easy to set up and install. Clearcase and PVCS is somehow more involved depending on the type and components being installed.

3. Client: All products offer command line tools that are similar in their capabilities. SVN has an ingenious Windows client called TortoiseSVN that completely integrates into Windows Explorer giving you a “right” click access and control to the most common versioning operations. SVN also has Web UI, as well as WebDAV support. PVCS provides a web access as well. It is rich and reasonably designed but I felt that SVN one is already “rich enough” for the price where as Windows PVCS GUI feels limited, and looks it is little bit slow. Clearcase also provides the GUI tool called ClearCase Remote Client, using we can perform the operations like Hijack, Undo-hijack, Checkout, CheckIn, Version History etc.

4. Performance: PVCS was not the fastest piece of software. SVN contrary has a very solid performance. It is usually very responsive for as long as your network is reasonably fast. Furthermore, SVN has a very intelligent optimization model making the client operations very fast. Clearcase is also very good perfomance and stability like SVN.

5. Team version control operations: PVCS works in a pragmatic locking mode. SVN and Clearcase supports file locking as well as CVS-like optimistic development style.

6. Eclipse plugin: SVN has a very nice plugin for eclipse and I used it. It will save lot of my developement time. I have never used plug-ins for PVCS and Clearcase instead used GUI tools.

In Summary, I would recommend SVN for opensource and Clearcase for commercial purpose use. It is easy to work with SVN when compare to PVCS and Clearcase.

For begginers, SVN is more user friendly and easy attractive when compare to Clearcase and PVCS version control systems, because of integrated with Windows Explorer.

Initial days,i worked with VSS (Visual SourceSafe) version control system also but i felt its very diffcult working with this product as a fresher. I have attracted by SVN and always love to work with this product 🙂

ClickHere for list of OpenSource version control systems in our software world.

Happy coding!

Have a nice day

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