Eclipse IDE Shortcuts

25 Feb

Hi folks,

Today i am posting some eclipse ide shortcuts. Hope this will save some development time. Enjoy the work 🙂

S.No Key Description
1 Cltr + 1 Suggestions prompt box
2 Cltr + 3 Previous open files list
3 Cltr + 7 Comment / Uncomment Line of code
4 Cltr + F1 Help Content window
5 Cltr + F3 Show Inherited members
6 Cltr + F4 Close File or window
7 Cltr + F6 Show List of opened files in the middle of IDE
8 Cltr + F7 Shows List of Views
9 Cltr + F8 Shows List of Perspective
10 Cltr + F9 Open Active Task window
11 Cltr + F10 Toggle / Disable break point
12 Cltr + F11 Run Java Application
13 Shift + F1 Help Window
14 Shift + F10 Right Click menu
15 Cltr+shift+R Open Resource (tip to open file very fast)
16 Cltr+shift+O Organize imports in a Java File
17 Cltr+shift+A Open Plug-In Artifact
18 Cltr+shift+B Enable / Disable break point
19 Cltr+shift+C Comment Line
20 Cltr+shift+E Opens Switch to Editor window
21 Cltr+shift+H Open Type in Hierarchy window
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