Sorting numerical values using JSP

02 Mar

HI folks,

Sharing with you all something i have faced recently in my development.

Recently i have faced an issue that digits are not sorting using <display:table> columns in the JSP page.

Issue : In JSP page, using <display:table> tag and <display columns> to display the collection of records in a table format. All columns are populating with data in unsorted order. Here issue is, it is displaying all the records in the table in unsorted way. Need to sort all columns when clicking on the column name right side(clicking on upper arrow or down arrow).

Solution :
1. I have changed the return type of returning varaible from String to Long in java bean
2. I have added sortable=true but it did not worked.
3. I have also added addition property sortProperty=”codeValue” (codeValue is the property which is defined in the struts-config.xml file).

I am all set once i have folled the above steps.

Sample code here:
<display:column property=”codeValue” title=”code” sortProperty=”codeValue” sortable=”true” />

Useful links:

Happy Learning!.

Get glued to know more updates.

Have a nice day:-)

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