GIT & EGIT – Eclipse Plugin

20 Sep

Hi Folks,

Today i am going to post the article about one of the famous source code management tool called GIT and eclipse plug-in – EGIT.

Git became one of the most popular distributed version control system and it is an open source tool.

GIT initially implemented using C language, but also later re-written using the technologies like Java, Ruby and Python.

Here is the link to know more about GIT – Click Here

To integrate and use easy way the GIT version control system with eclipse IDE, there is an plugIN – EGIT.

Here are the steps explained clearly with screen shots to make you the configuration easy.

EGIT eclipse plugin – URL :

Just follow the screen shots to setup the plugin in the eclipse IDE easyly and quickly.

Open the eclipse IDE, go to Help (in the top menu bar) -> select Install New Software



Select Install New Software option from the Help menu, then click on Add button shown in the below screen to enter EGIT URL


Once entered EGIT URL, click OK button.


Select JGIT check box and click Next button


Click Next button


Select i accept the terms (first radio button) and then click Finish button.


Once EGIT plugin installed successfully, it will ask for restart the eclipse – displays confirmation box shown below


Click on Yes button to restart eclipse.

Eclipse will restart to apply the changes integrate the plugin successfully.

Create one Test Java project to test the EGIT plug-in.

I have create one Java standalone project to demonstrate this plugin.

Select Project and right click on it


Select Shared Project option


Here there are 2 repositories displayed. Select GIT option and click Next button


Provide some path to the repository to create a .git file and synch the changes with repository.

and check the combo box for the project and then click on Finish button.

Project code is successfully stored in to the GIT repository.

To cross check the changes, you can see the arrow marks and repository symbols add to the project. see the below screen



To see the GIT more features, here is the screen shots13

The feature are similar to the  other repositories (clear case, SVN etc)  like Check in , Check out, Commit, Sync, Merge etc.

Here are the list of committed files in to the repository, the view looks like below


Here is the EGIT Home page to download the plugin.

To know the more details go through the EGit User Guide.

Download GIT Book in a PDF format.

Click here to read GIT book through online for online lovers.

Happy Learning!.

Get glued to know more updates.

Have a nice day



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