JAutodoc – Eclipse Plugin

21 Sep

H Alli,

Here are the simple steps to configure the JAutodoc plugin with the eclipse IDE to generate the comments at variable, method and class level.

Open Eclipse IDE, Go to Help (available at top menu bar) select Install New Software

Click on Add button, will prompt the below dialog box to enter the Name and URL

Name: JAuto-Doc (its your choice to keep this name)



Click OK button.


Select JAutodoc check box and Click on Next button ,


Click Next


Select I accept the terms of the license agreement option and Click on Finish button. Below are the install progress dialog box



Click on OK button to install the plugin successfully.


Click Yes button to restart the eclipse to effect the Jautodoc plugin changes.

Once Eclipse restarted, open any java file , select Class / Method / variable and right click on it,


Now we can see the option like JAutodoc. select the first option Add Javadoc or Clrt+Alt+J (for short cut lovers like me), it will generate the comments. I have generated the comments for method level. Below is the screen shot for reference.



Know more about the JAutodoc plugin

Some of the useful plugins for eclipse – Click Me

StackOverflow link to know more.

Happy Learning!.

Stay tuned to know more updates.

Have a nice day


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