GITHub – Push GIT changes to host server in Web

01 Oct

Hi Folks,

Let me drive too continue posting an article on GIT Family – GITHUB.

“GitHub, is a web-page on which you can publish your Git repositories and collaborate with other people.”

See my earlier post how to integrating the EGIT plug-IN with eclipse IDE.

After committing the code changes to the GIT repository, we need to push those changes to the GitHub – Web based hosting server.

So that it will be available the other developers – public.

To know the difference between Git and GitHub, see stackoverflow thread.

To know more about the Github, check GitHub Wikipedia

Follow the below steps to push the code changes in to the GitHub hosting server.

Go to the below site and download the GitHub for windows version

Once download GitHubSetup.exe file,


double click and follow the steps to install successfully.

Once GitHub installed in your machine successfully, go to Start menu and verify it in the listed of programs it looks like below screen


Click on the GitHub option, it will open the GitHub window. check the below screen to cross check the window.


Go to your codebase in your machine (project committed in to the GIT repository) and drag the project folder and drop in to the

window. screen looks like below



Once dropped the code base folder in to the GitHub window, window looks like below


Click on Publish Repository link at the top right corner


A dialog box will appear asking for Name and Description.

Enter proper values for Name and description and Click Publish Test link

6In progress screen looks like below


After successfully pushed the changes the screen looks like below


See there is an Sync option at the top, which will help to synchronize the changes with the GIT repository.

Also there is an source code changes to review.

Next time when you do the modifications to the files, just click SYNC link at the top right corner to synchronize the changes with GIT repository.

We can view the source code added / updated files in the WEB.

Right click on the project – Test and select View on GitHub,


Which will navigate to the GitHub web page. see the screen shot for reference.


There are other options which described below

1. View on Explorer —  This option will open the view in the windows explorer

2. View in Git Shell —  This option will open the view in the Git Shell.

3. Remove — This option will remove from the GitHub

Here are some of the useful information

Here is the eBook for GIT

GIT Help is here to get the help.

Useful URLs listed below to know more

Happy Learning!.

Get glued to know more updates.

Have a nice day

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