Sails JS

21 May

Here are some of the steps to create Sails Application and use the app. Also posting some of the useful sites / blogs/ YTB videos.


  1. Install node.js (latest version – mine : 2.7.4)
  2. Open Node.js command prompt and execute the below commands.
  3. npm install sails -g  — this will install the sails
  4. sails new <project name> —  normal project creation
  5. sails lift — server start up

Use this localhost URL to see the default  page


6. Want to see your own page, create a new index.ejs file and update routes.js file with index.ejs path.


7. sails generate api user —  this will generate the user model for us.

Use the below urls to create the user data



8. The above data stored in the below location for reference.


9. Delete the record


Some of the reference here.

Sails JS document Reference here.

SailsJS – YouTube

SailsJS GitHub here.


Sails Good & Bad

Node & Sails

All Courses @ platzi

Introduction to Sails

Happy Learning!.

Get glued to know more updates.

Have a nice day 🙂

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