22 Jun

Angular.js is a javascript framework that has gained very good momentum in recent days. After exploring and working on angular, I found how powerful the framework is. It is the best option for a single page application (SPA). Angular.js allows for clear separations of concerns (MVC) and allows developer to write cleaner, efficient and maintainable code. The power of angular is many but the most important ones include, making HTML more readable and more declarative, dependency injection, MVC etc… The documentation for angular seems nice but I suggest the following resources which anyone who would like to start angular.


To start with angular.js I would suggest with thinkster as this covered almost all major topics in the framework

Testing: During one of my angular.js meetups, I came across this popular testing tool to be used with angular.js – Protractor.js . I am yet to look into the trade off on protractor vs karma vs jasmine for testing framework, but the following link acts as a starting point for protractor

Google Testing Blog: Protractor: Angular testing made easy

Design Patterns:

Thoughtworks has put up a very nice article for angular developers, listing out the `Do Not’s` when developing an angular app. It a very valuable resource for team starting angular.

Good Practices to Build Your AngularJS Applicatio…

Another article that deals on the same topic is an article by…

7 Best AngularJS Frameworks for Rapid Application Development

Reference Books:

O’Reilly Media – AngularJS by Brad Green, Shyam Seshadri

Happy Learning!.

Get glued to know more updates.

Have a nice day 🙂

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